Defining Spaces Into Masterpieces

Excellence in customer service and care with emphasis on consistently understanding and meeting every special need of our customers, are our hallmarks. Our imaginative ideas and innovative execution makes the Interiors we do, truly inspirational. Our professional expertise and vast experience gives exceptional value to our customers, making us the preferred choice of leading Architects, PMC’s and reputed Indian and Multinational Companies. Our prestigious client list includes top names in sectors like Banking, IT & BPO, Retail & Multiplexes, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Airports and many more.


Our consistent commitment to designing, developing and delivering premium quality, trendsetting Interiors and related products has made us synonymous with the highest quality, aesthetic appeal and reliability. We are justifiably proud of our trendsetting approach of “Defining Spaces into Masterpieces”, making each one of our projects, truly unique.

Our Vision

To Attain & Maintain Market Leadership In Our Business

Our Mission

Adding Value Through Excellence Our Mission Statement embodies everything we stand for. The way we do our business, our work culture, our passion for quality, our obsession with innovative technologies, our commitment to our human resources and above all our dedication to provide customer delight and satisfaction, are all powered by our singular focus on Adding Value Through Excellence.


Our Managing Director, Narsi D. Kularia is a well known and respected figure in the Indian Interior Fit-Out Industry for over 2 decades. His dynamism and entrepreneurial spirit has, founded and shaped our company from scratch to its position of eminence today. He is reputed for his foresight, imaginative, innovative and trendsetting ideas and superb execution in the Industry. Leading by example, he has inculcated his vision and passion for excellence into our Group. The name Narsi, which is also our Brand, evokes admiration, respect and trust in the Industry and amongst our customers.